Although The Woodstocker B&B is an old house whose main structure was built in 1830, it complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act  (ADA). While the act does not require the inn to provide accessible rooms in all situations due to its size and age, the owners will work to ensure every guest who wishes to visit can do so regardless of their physical abilities.

Among the ways The Woodstocker B&B complies with the ADA: 

  • We ensure that individuals with disabilities can make reservations during the same hours and in the same manner as individuals without disabilities.
  • We have identified and described accessible features and inaccessible features in our bed and breakfast and guest rooms in detail to allow individuals with disabilities to determine whether our B&B meets their needs.
  • We ensure that accessible guest rooms are held for use by individuals with disabilities until all other guest rooms of that type have been rented.
  • We will reserve, upon request, accessible guest rooms or specific types of guest rooms and ensure that the reserved rooms are blocked and removed from our reservation system.
  • We guarantee that a specific accessible guest room, once reserved, is held for the reserving customer. We make reasonable efforts with third-party reservation systems to make accessible rooms available through at least some of these services and provide these third-party services with information concerning the accessible features of the hotel and the accessible rooms.
  • Guests with legitimate service animals will be provided access to all areas of The Woodstocker B&B afforded to those without service animals.

Descriptions of The Woodstocker B&B and rooms

And how they may or may not accommodate people with disabilities

The Woodstocker B&B is an old house, built in 1830. Although with its age comes limitations to accessibility, the owners have made every reasonable effort to make it accessible to people with disabilities.

For people with auditory impairments: please note that our smoke and fire alarm system provides auditory alerts only at this point.

For people with mobility restrictions: A side entrance provides an access with no steps (the front door has a few steps and no ramp). There are 2 steps to go from the front part of the B&B to the back part where the 1st floor rooms are located. We have a mobile ramp that we can quickly install on top of the steps to assist getting from one part of the B&B to the other.  Three rooms are located on the first floor (Walk in the Woods, Mount Mansfield, and Morgan Horse). The other 6 require the use of stairs. Please continue reading for a description of how each room may or may not address the needs of people with limited mobility. For your convenience, the list below follows the order of the rooms on the reservation page.

Wanderer: This room is on the 2d floor and requires the use of stairs.

Whispering Wolf: This room is on the 2d floor and requires the use of stairs.

Walk in the Woods: This room is on the 1st floor with one step at the entrance. There is a handle outside the door to assist getting in and out. The bathroom is equipped with a shower/bath combo, with a deep tub.

Willard: This room is on the 2nd floor and requires the use of stairs.

Club W: This room is on the 2nd floor and requires the use of stairs.

Woodstock: This room is on the 2nd floor and requires the use of stairs.

Mount Mansfield: This junior suite is on the 1st floor and does not require the use of stairs. The entrance door is 33” wide. The bathroom door is 28” wide and the walk-in shower has a 3” step and a 22” wide opening. There are two steps inside the room leading only to the sauna area.This room is located next to the side entrance which is 33” wide with a small lip.

Mellow Moose: This suite is on the 2nd floor and requires the use of stairs

Morgan Horse: This suite is on the 1st floor and was recently made wheelchair accessible. It has one door with direct access to the outside and to the parking lot with a ramp. It has another door with interior access to the B&B. There are two steps leading out of the room into the B&B that can be quickly equipped with a mobile ramp as needed. The bathroom and shower are large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

We encourage you to contact us with questions, either by phone at (802) 475-3896, or email at Stay@TheWoodstockerBnB.com.

We welcome your comments and suggestions for improvements on how to make our B&B more welcoming to people with different abilities.


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